A. Vesalainen Oy

A. Vesalainen Oy was founded in 2000 in Lahti. Our  company specializes in the import and wholesale of business premises and public sculptures. We are one of Finland's leading players in our field and we have been supplying ergonomic workstations to our retailers for a long time in Finland, elsewhere in the Nordic countries and in the Baltic countries. Last year, we delivered about twenty-five thousand electric table frames to make the world a little more ergonomik.

We have been working closely with Jiecang Ltd, one of the world's largest manufacturers of spindle motors and electric table frames since 2012. We have a large selection of steplessly adjustable electric table frames and other ergonomic solutions suitable for many types of needs.

Our office and warehouse are located in Lahti next to the new Kujala connection of the E4 highway,in the Lotila industrial area. It is also easy to pick up orders from us.

If you have a demand for ergonomic office and public furniture, we will help you find the most suitable products for your needs.

Arrival instructions

Loading docks are located behind the building in Verhoojankatu.

We ship orders and also you can come to pick up your products.