Tonga Blocks

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    TONGA Blocks is designed by Pasi Hänninen, a game designer from Lahti. Party-/family game which consists of 26 different wooden pieces. The pieces can be used to assemble various challenges that Pasi has designed for 30+2 - but anyone can design challenges more.

    When playing TONGA Blocks, it is a good idea to agree on the rules in advance. There are many ways to play TONGA - Serene or fiery Argentinian, are you building a solid or easily falling tower, with two hands or weaker hand, can you continue the game by taking the lower pieces already laid...

    The pieces also go for random construction and imaginative play.

    TONGA Blocks comes in a cardboard box, but the pieces are meant to be stored in the fabric bag provided. You can use the box for anything else, give it to a cat or make a headwear for yourself.

    Mini batch: a box of games (20 pcs).

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