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    It goes around and around 360 degrees
    Do you like to move it (move it)? Siinä Then it's time to meet Pivot, our most active leaning seat yet. Pivot is a minimalist task seat with serious ergo-sensibilities. Unlike most chairs that feebly acquiesce as your posture deteriorates into a sluggish slump, the Pivot seat keeps you active all day.

    With turtle armor
    Pivot's weighted base is built with active stability, so it responds to every move you make. The seat's rubber Octogrip-overmold provides just enough friction so you have full freedom of motion. It encourages you to twist, turn, swivel and even pivot with ease.

    Ergonomic hip movement
    Pivot's sleek seat is positioned forward, so that you find your natural equilibrium, engaging your core and mastering perfect posture. What's more, Pivot easily lifts and lowers, empowering you to take a range of healthy postures from active sitting to leaning. The Pivot seat is playfully designed. It isn't concerned with expectations. In fact, it flat out rejects most notions of what a seat should be. Instead, it was created to work with you, work for you, so you can bring more play to your day.

    To whom Pivot fit in?  

    Pivot is a great leaning seat especially for those who are naturally so-called restless sitters. They are present in both children and adults. With Pivot, Restlessness doesn't hurt because Pivot is created to swing. At the same time, the hip gets good movement and the mind calms down. 

    Korkeus66 - 90 cm
    Paino15 kg
    LattiavasteØ 34 cm ellipsi
    Painoraja130 kg
    Takuu2 vuotta
    Istuinosan leveys40 cm
    Istuinosan syvyys30 cm
    Istuinosan korkeus1,5 / 3,7 cm
    Pakkauksen koko48 x 43 x 35,5 cm
    Pakkauksen paino15 kg